Stereo Sunrise Self Titled 4th EP

Stereo Sunrise is an established award-winning Canadian four-piece band based in Niagara Falls. Descending from 90's alt-rock influences including Janes Addiction and Blind Melon, the members are all trying to capture a lost feeling within the current climate of rock music. The title track to their 2016 release "Wait For It" presents a thoughtful insight that compares the ups and downs of life to the tide of expectation states Stereo Sunrise's Holland-born vocalist Justin Koetsier. After the success of "Wait For It" which was recorded with Juno award winning producer Siegfried Meier along with Jordan Rutledge, the band felt inspired and begin writing their third EP. After a string of shows and college radio tours, the band replaced their drummer and welcomed Mark Hoerdt from indie punk band Knife The Wolf. "Instantly I could feel a difference in style that Mark brought to the table" states bass player Arih Struger-Kalkman. "We all felt it was time to head back to the studio.” 

After meeting with a long list of producers, the band decided to go with Canadian record producer/songwriter Andre Kaden Black and mix engineer Tal "Dr. V" Vaisman. Guitarist Piero Montemurro remembers their first day tracking at Jukasa Studios, “... the tones we were getting from the live room were incredible, even just the overall vibe, Andre, and Tal really helped us capture the sound we were hoping for. 

Stereo Sunrise's new single "Said The Villain" is available now!

Lyrics from the song "The Other Side"

Don’t be afraid to let a different state of mind
Bring you a change of pace
There are those who would have you believe to the other side
Don’t you think you might like to try

No ones blaming the stars
Or the lengths that they will go
Hear it in my voice
Put my words aside
The conversation fails
When talking of years from now
I don’t hear it in my voice

So say hello and try to mellow out a bit
And remain in calmer days
There are those of you who believe in the other side
So you don’t have to wake up at all

No one fell from the stars
To tell us what to do
We just come and go and we die off too
Who knows how long we’ll be here
To sip from the cup of gold