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 "The EP Showcases a blend of songs that represent the 90s alternative rock 'n' roll style that the band founded themselves on. The only difference this time around is that the songs are polished and flow seamlessly together. They ebb and flow, moving from catchy hooks to intricate guitar lines all the while backed by a steady rhythm section and the concept that gives bigger meaning to the songs themselves."
Chris Illich
The Sound
"In advance of the release, (May 25th) they have unveiled a brand new single, “Said The Villain”, which you can check out below. It’s the type of track that will be stuck in your head, and you’ll be singing along as you play it on repeat…over and over again."
 Jenna Melanson


After meeting with a long list of producers, the band decided to go with Canadian record producer/songwriter Andre Kaden Black and mix engineer Tal "Dr. V" Vaisman. Guitarist Piero Montemurro remembers their first day tracking at Jukasa Studios, “... the tones we were getting from the live room were incredible, even just the overall vibe, Andre, and Tal really helped us capture the sound we were hoping for.